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Watch the song being written and recorded:


He thinks he's got it sorted
And no-one's going to notice
That underneath the outfit
He's lost and insecure
The fashionista haircut
Makes him look much younger
In the endless Facebook story
Of his Hipstamatic life

He thinks he's found his people
The ones who understand him
Like loafer-wearing boy scouts
With a uniform of cool
The conversation's never
Emotionally engaging
But deep inside he knows they understand
Where he comes from

If only they knew
He grew up in a village in Wiltshire
His dad buys his socks
And he's only ever kissed his mum

His flatmate's name is Spider
But really he's called Derek
He works in multimedia
And deals a bit of weed
All their friends will be there
For Spider's installation
It's a private viewing
Because no-one wants to come

If only they knew
The whole thing's accidental
It's not really art
He was only trying to move some boxes
If only they knew

He's staring at his iPhone
Wondering how to use it
Listening to the waiter
Talk about his screenplay
He's supposed to be creative
He bought himself a Moleskine
He doesn't want to write in it
In case he gets it wrong

If only they knew
He sleeps in a Hypercolour t-shirt
He doesn't like Foals
And he doesn't mind working with spreadsheets
He finds his jeans constricting
Regrets his one tattoo
He finds it quite exhausting
Making statements with his shoes
If only they knew


from Dogs Running Free, released December 3, 2010




Dogs Running Free UK

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